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Test your understanding of key concepts and processes and build your geographical knowledge with GEO's collection of interactive quizzes. The quizzes match the contents of the web enquiries at A level and GCSE and link with the live lectures and tutorials. The topics range from the global commons and Antarctica to an exploration of hedgerow ecosystems in the UK, and from an urban fieldwork study of Sheffield to a case study of Lagos to international aid and development focusing on Haiti, and much more.  

Take a quiz before you do an enquiry to see where the gaps are. Or take the quiz after you have worked through the related enquiry.  You could even take it twice to see how much you have learned!

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Physical quizzes

Human quizzes


Nutrient cycles and global ecosystems

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Hedgerows – a small-scale UK ecosystem

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Physical processes – erosion, transportation and deposition

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UK physical landscapes

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Overseas aid – too much or never enough?

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Global commons

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