GEO (Geography Education Online) is an innovative new website created by the Geographical Association (GA), for students studying for GCSE geography, A level geography or equivalent qualifications. GEO is designed to offer young geographers a new and engaging way to extend their geographical thinking and support examination success in 2021 and beyond.

GEO is made possible by a grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency. Innovate UK is part of UK Research and Innovation. Innovate UK are funding a wide range of new ideas to help overcome the disruption caused globally by COVID-19, including the disruption caused to geography education.

The GEO website provides access free of charge to:

  • live online sessions with fieldwork tutors and live academic lectures. Students and teachers are required to register for a free account on GEO to be able to receive a link to join the live sessions. Students must be aged 14 or over in order to do this. Please see the details of how we protect your data in our privacy policy. These events are also available to access as recordings in the events archive. Please note that students are expected to conduct themselves as they would in class and inappropriate comments will be deleted from the chat area. 
  • interactive subject content comprising online web enquiries and accompanying quizzes.

Teacher Area

You must register for a free teacher account in order to access this area. We invite you to contribute resources and teaching suggestions, as well as encouraging you to share observations and comments on materials posted in this section.

The views and opinions expressed in the GEO Teacher Area are those of the contributors and are not necessarily those held by the GA. The GA will not edit or amend submissions and cannot guarantee their quality or accuracy. However, content should be suitable for a broad and mixed audience, taking into account the age and learning needs of the likely audience. Contributors are responsible for ensuring that:

  • any photos and other illustrative material you use has either been created by you or, if taken from another source (including the internet) is either copyright free or covered by a Creative Commons license. Please note that items in the public domain may be covered by copyright
  • information provided in materials submitted for GEO must be factually correct; the text must be in your own words; it must not be plagiarised from your own or others’ previously published works and any direct quotes of any length must be cited in full
  • any content you submit for GEO is suitable for the intended audience, is diverse in its coverage of people in terms of age, gender and ethnicity and does not contain material which could be considered racist, sexist, libellous, blasphemous or profane.

Company details

Registered name: The Geographical Association

Company no: 01739068 (registered in England and Wales)

Charity no: 1135148 (registered with the charity commission for England and Wales)

Registered office: 160 Solly Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 4BF

Tel/fax: 0114 2960088/0114 2967176


The GA receives no direct external funding and is financed primarily through membership subscriptions together with income derived from the sale of other goods and services.

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