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Online events are a key feature of GEO, with sessions happening weekly throughout this term on a range of themes and topics.

Tutorials provide hands-on advice and guidance, and support students with their independent investigations and key geographical skills. 

Lectures offer inspiration and the opportunity for students to delve into key topics with speakers at the forefront of geographical research. As well as the lectures already on the calendar, you can also look forward to sessions from Dr Simon Carr (University of Cumbria), Dr Mark Green (University of Liverpool) and Dr Katie Szkornik (Keele University) later in the term.

Look at the calendar now, to plan ahead for the sessions you’d like to attend.

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions during the live events.  Please note that any inappropriate comments will be deleted from the chat. Recorded versions of the lectures and tutorials will also be available to watch later, if you are unable to attend the live event, or want to listen to it again.

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The views and opinions expressed in the GEO lectures and tutorials are those of the authors and presenters and are not necessarily those held by the Geographical Association.


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Past events

30th March 2021,

Coastal environments: understanding the impacts of sea-level rise and climate change

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25th March 2021,

After the rural idyll: images of the British countryside as a non-idyllic environment

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17th March 2021,

How to save a city

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15th March 2021,

Tackling the climate emergency: carbon, climate, ecological and energy systems

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