Demographic change and population projections

Hosted by Dr Nik Lomax

Having accurate information about  the size and composition of the population at both national and local level is important so that government and business can plan and deliver services. When it comes to forward planning, an estimate of what the population might look like in the future is also important. This lecture will outline how demographic components (births, deaths and migration) contribute towards population change, discuss how they are estimated and how models are used to project them forward in time. Some examples of how projections vary at local level depending on assumptions about these demographic components will be discussed and some applied examples of how these data are used will be presented.

Dr Nik Lomax is Associate Professor of Data Analytics for Population Research and a fellow at the Turing Institute for data science and artificial intelligence and co-Director of the ESRC funded Consumer Data Research Centre. His research utilises existing and emerging data to produce high resolution estimates and projection of population and demographic characteristics.


1 hour

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