Volcanoes: from inception to eruption

Hosted by Dr Tom Pering

Volcanoes are enigmatic forces of nature. In this lecture we will consider the volcanic journey from the birth of a volcano, the styles of activity, what controls the differences in behaviour, to the associated hazards we see at different locations. We will consider the unique characteristics and personalities of individual volcanic styles and how properties and contents of a magma are pivotal in effecting what we eventually see at the surface.

Tom Pering joined the University of Sheffield as a Teaching Associate in July 2016 following his PhD with thesis titled "Bubbles in Basalts: Measuring and Modelling Basaltic Degassing", completed in 2015.  His research revolves around the measurement of sulphur dioxide, using ultra violet cameras, and modelling via computational fluid dynamics and laboratory analogues of a variety of degassing modes from basaltic magmas, including: passive, strombolian, and lava fountaining.

You can view the powerpoint for this session here. 


1 hour

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