New geographies of global money? Chinese finance in London

Hosted by Dr Sarah Hall

In this talk, Sarah explores the globalisation of money and finance by focusing on the growing influence of Chinese finance in London. The talk explores how, since, 2015, there has been a marked growth in Chinese banks and Chinese financiers working in London’s financial district. Sarah reveals how this change reflects wider global changes in the growing power of China within international financial relations. She argues that this form of financial globalisation needs to be understood as both an economic and a political process involving both financial firms and policy makers in London and Beijing. The talk therefore engages with important geographical debates related to globalisation, economic development and the role of superpowers in the world economy. 

Sarah Hall is a Professor of Economic Geography at the University of Nottingham and a Senior Fellow with the UK in a Changing Europe. Her research and teaching focuses on the geographies of money and finance with a particular interest in London’s changing relationship with the EU and China. She is the author of Global finance: places, spaces and people (Sage 2017) and Respatialising finance: RMB market making in London’s financial district (Wiley Blackwell 2021). She regularly engages with policymakers and practitioners in relation to the development of the UK’s financial services sector.

This event has already taken place. You can watch a recording of the session here:


One hour

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