The changing face(s) of Sheffield

Hosted by Dr Julian Dobson

In the industrial age, cities were often known for one thing that was made or traded there. In Sheffield’s case, it was steel. Sheffield United Football Club are still known as ‘the Blades’. But should we still call it Steel City? This lecture uses Sheffield to explore questions of identity and place, and how the image and reputation of places can change over time. First we examine what ‘Steel City’ communicated and failed to communicate. Then we use two examples to consider how places change. One is the decline of Sheffield’s central shopping district and the efforts to regenerate the city’s retail core. The other is the branding of Sheffield as ‘The Outdoor City’.

Dr Julian Dobson is a researcher and writer with a broad interest in how places change. His work has focused on the future of town centres and high streets, urban green spaces and wellbeing, and community involvement in decision-making. He works within the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University.

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1 hour

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