Glaciers, climate & climate change: understanding the key concept of mass balance

Hosted by Dr Richard Waller

This session will provide an introduction to glaciers, their formation and their connection to climate via the concept of mass balance. Using this key concept, we will consider the nature and causes of the rapid changes occurring in modern-day glaciated regions that represents one of the most dramatic and far-reaching consequences of the ‘climate crisis’.

Richard Waller is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography at Keele University where he has worked for almost 20 years. His geographical research interests focus on modern and ancient glacial and periglacial environments, the impact of climate change on the Arctic and the transition to more sustainable futures.

Having developed a broader interest in education and outreach throughout his career, Richard's research also considers the challenges associated with academic transitions, the development of information literacy and critical thinking skills, and outdoor learning. Richard has consequently worked closely with a range of organisations and initiatives.

This session has already taken place. You can watch a recording here or click through to YouTube for further resources:


One hour

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