Test your knowledge of the UK’s diverse human landscapes with this 11-question GCSE quiz.

If you haven't already done it, work through the unit on the UK’s diverse human landscapes on the PowerPoint. Or look at it again to help fill any gaps in what you know!

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1st JWM 22
2nd EAW 21
3rd AHL 18
4th JPS 18
5th Aaa 18
6th fun 18
7th PQS 18
8th PIO 18
9th sad 18
10th mad 18

QUIZZES // The UK’s diverse human landscapes

Q1. What percentage of the UK population lives in urban areas?

Over 80%


Under 50%


Q2. Which of these describes the population of UK urban areas?

Densely populated

Sparsely populated


Over populated

Q3. In the future, the UK urban population will:



Remain the same


Q4. Which of the following conurbations contains the city of Birmingham?

The East Midlands

The West Midlands

The Greater Midlands

Greater Manchester

Q5. Plans to improve Birmingham’s environment include which of the following initiatives?

The Green Vision

The Green View

The Green Way

The Green Hand

Q6. Which of the following cities are linked by HS2 Phase 1?

London and Crewe

London and Leeds

London and Manchester

London and Birmingham

Q7. The Longbridge project, including the technology park, is an example of which type of urban development?



Environmental sustainability


Q8. Which of the following is an opportunity for Hawes’ residents?

Poor internet connection

Few job opportunities

Developing tourism

School closures

Q9. Which of the following describes a challenge to rural areas such as the Outer Hebrides?



Over migration

Under migration

Q10. South Cambridgeshire is an example of which rural settlement process?

Rural decline

Rural growth

The rural-urban fringe

Rural stagnation

Q11. The Ashley Vale scheme in Bristol is an example of:

Rural growth





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